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Jacks beauty line


The brush handles of Jacks beauty line make-up bruhes are painted by hand with the finest acrylic paint in their Berlin studio. Every brush becomes a unique work of art. The are tassels made from 100% vegan hair are provided by their German brush manufacturer.

This makes Jacks beauty line brushes special:

✔ hand painted with love
✔ 100% vegan & super soft
✔ high quality, made in Germany
✔ easy to clean & to take care

Recently Jacks has expanded the range with a collection of hair brushes in wonderful designs that have been developed by designer Nina Gekeler from PATTERN STUDIO. The paddle brushes are made of FSC-certified wood from controlled, sustainable forestry with an ergonomic handle. Check out the cool designs.

Meet Miriam Jacks

“I had the idea of ​​designing my own line of make-up brushes in 2009 when I was setting up my beauty store in Berlin.

I have been working as a make-up artist and beauty expert for around 15 years. In my first time while working with colleagues in large teams, at photo shoots or fashion shows, it often happened that a huge chaos arose because we could no longer distinguish our black brushes, which usually looked the same. A colorful paintbrush finally gave me the idea to make the brush handle of my make-up brushes a little more colorful and imaginative. From then on, my own brushes immediately stood out from all the others, because each handle is its own little work of art in many bright colors.”

Pictures and text (adapted) from Jacks beauty line.

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