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For tiny changes that lead to big shifts in your overall wellbeing.

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We are modern women curious about ancient health rituals: in pursuit of niche wellness products that actually work.

We’re sceptics, label-readers and research nerds with unrelenting curiosity.

Not everyone gets the things we do or like or eat. But that’s cool. We’re ahead of the mainstream wellness pack and we like it here. We were reading Goop before they were writing it. Or pretty much.

Our hero product is the 100% copper Tongue Cleaner. Because we haven’t gone a day without scraping in 10 years.

Our products are fashioned by us in Paris, the design capital of the world. Our Tongue Cleaners are made in India, the Ayurvedic capital of the world.

What’s next on our exploration of wellness? So many unprofitable niche possibilities…

Meet the Founder

Monique Foy is a Franco-Australian, who came to Paris to work in the fashion industry. And let’s tell the truth: the industry, the city, and modern life… stole her health.

Fitting in sport to her manic schedule became, stressful. Resisting the wall of crap food in the supermarket, nearly impossible. Falling into an un-restful sleep in front of a blazing Netflix screen, inevitable. Skin problems, digestive issues, insomnia, irregular periods, bacterial imbalances were just a part of modern life.

She was fine, alive, no emergency room needed. But was she really well? No. Did she feel at the top of her game? Nope.

When modern medical practitioners just shrugged their shoulders, she started down the path of ancient holistic philosophies and fell headfirst into the amazing world of Ayurveda.

On her very first Ayurvedic retreat, her teacher announced: “if there is one thing you take away from this retreat, it’s that you should scrape your tongue every morning, because it will change your life.”

Nearly 10 years later, she has left her career in fashion, to launch an Ayurvedic tongue cleaner. The teacher could not have been more right.

Text adapted from: A Tongue Cleaner Changed My Life

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