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99% bioactive, highly concentrated, gentle formulas


Treat your skin like Royalty


Intelligent skin couture’s newest darlings Blue Legume, Acid Glow and Marshmallow Poof have arrived


Slow down, breathe deep, take your time. Meet d‘still.

the mooi online store

By selecting natural skincare and beauty products you not only decide for a more conscious, ethical and sustainable lifestyle, you also actively take care of your own wellbeing. Taking your time and surrounding yourself with beautiful products and natural scents can be very grounding and will help you to connect to yourself which ultimately also has a positive impact on your health. Our mission is to make your skincare routine a ritual that you can enjoy every day.

The mooi online store offers a carefully selected range of natural skincare and beauty products as well as wellbeing products from renowned to indie brands. We aim to select products with ingredients that truly provide a benefit to your skin and health. All products we carry are cruelty free.


We want you to love your skincare and beauty products and are happy to help you find what suits your needs best. We offer online consultations to guide you towards the right products or beauty routine. Please contact us by email.

We also offer sample sets in case you would like to order samples of a product before purchasing a full size.


mooi is a space for natural beauty, skincare and make-up. We favour a gentle approach and believe that often less is more. At mooi we celebrate beauty as it is:
natural and individual.

our values

the brands we select do not test on animals ever. So you don’t need to worry about buying anything not cruelty free.

we know that it is challenging for our brands to find the right packaging that will keep the products fresh and is environmental friendly at the same time. We are looking out for brands that care and reduce waste wherever possible, source their ingredients sustainably and thereby support local communities and the environment.

Our own packaging is made of environmental friendly materials and we use packaging peanuts made of corn starch that are compostable or can be dissolved in water.


you might see some of our brands change as during the last months we have made it our mission, to find brands for you, that put all their love and energy into their products. Finding skin care with ingredients that make your skin truly benefit, is our priority.

only you can decide what is important to you and make a conscious decision. But we help to facilitate your decision by pointing you towards the products that your current skin condition benefits the most of. Do reach out if you have specific questions before purchasing or book a personal consultation via phone or skype.

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