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What is mooi about? mooi is a space for natural beauty. It is about non-toxic skincare and make-up but also about supporting high performing natural beauty products from inside with nutrition and healthy eating. At mooi we celebrate beauty as it is: natural and individual.


I have always loved beauty products and make-up as a way to underline a person’s individual beauty. This is what lead me to do a formal make-up artist training many years ago. I was fascinated by the fact that you can change the look and shape of a face with just make-up. Later I much more appreciated a natural and healthy look. Through my recent education as nutritional therapist, I discovered what nourishes the body and how nutrition has a positive impact on wellbeing and health. But one thing that struck me, is that we think a lot about good and bad foods, but not about what we put on our skin. The skin is the biggest organ of our body, so isn’t it worth it paying closer attention to it? I started to educate myself and research ingredients of skincare and make-up. What I found out made me gradually transition to green and natural beauty products and I have not regretted it a second. Why stick to harmful substances, when there are amazing natural alternatives? Very quickly I saw the results and I understood what it means to “feel good in your skin”. After experiencing such a positive change myself, the wish to share this and to found mooi was born.

At the mooi store in Zurich you will find natural skincare and beauty products from suppliers that I carefully selected. With the natural beauty coachings, I support your  wish to transition from conventional to natural beauty products. We look at your individual needs and preferences to find the right products and make you feel good in your skin too.

natural beauty coaching

You are curious to learn more about natural beauty and the effect of high-performing clean beauty products? You want to do your skin something good, and be able to recall the feeling of wellbeing at home too? Maybe you want to replace your conventional skin care with a more natural but not less efficient one?

Outside of the store opening hours you can book your personal beauty coaching: we meet at the mooi store in Zurich for an individual consulting. This will be your private and personalised skincare session. All coachings can take place in English or German.

Detox your skincare
Your skin in focus

  • Analysis of the needs of your skin and your preferences
  • Development of a morning and evening skin care routine
  • Evaluation of natural alternatives for your daily skin care (product swap)
  • Experience the usage and application of the products
  • Explore extra care products like serums and masks
  • Beauty chart as summary of all products applied

Holistic natural beauty coaching
Skin care and make-up

  • Analysis of the needs of your skin and your preferences
  • Development of a morning and evening skin care routine
  • Evaluation of natural alternatives for your skin care (product swap)
  • Application of a natural daytime make-up matching your type
  • Experience the usage and application of the products to develop a new “green” beauty routine also for your make-up
  • Beauty chart as summary of all products used

Skinfood and Skin
Happy body, happy skin 

  • Analysis of the needs of your skin based on your lifestyle and external influences
  • Recommendations for products, experience usage and application
  • Recommendations on how to balance your skin’s wellbeing through nutrition and a healthy lifestyle
  • Beauty chart as summary of all products applied
  • Book the application of a natural daytime make-up with this coaching

Please be aware that for any medical condition, a dermatologist needs to be seen.

Online coaching via Skype or Hangouts
Distance won’t stop us

  • Analysis of the needs of your skin and your personal preferences
  • Development of a morning and evening skin care routine
  • Explanation on how to use the different products best and how they complement each other
  • Summary of recommendations and shopping options by email

In my natural beauty coachings I work with high performing natural, mostly organic, skincare and cosmetic products of the following brands:

Josh Rosebrook, Dr. Alkaitis, Merme Berlin, Nuori, bepure, Ilia Beauty, RMS Beauty, Kjaer Weis, Yù Beauty

About me

About me

Already early on I developed a love for skin care and make-up which resulted in a professional training as make-up artist. Having worked many years in creative but demanding jobs in events, HR, branding and social media, I felt the need to look after my health and wellbeing more carefully during the last years. Out of personal interest, I completed the training as nutritional therapist with the Health Sciences Academy in the UK. Always having found pleasure in working with people as well as in training and coaching, the combination of my skills enables me to share my love for natural and holistic beauty from the inside and outside.

– Natalie Andriani –


Josh Rosebrook
Dr. Alkaitis
rms beauty
Kjaer Weis
Ilia Beauty
Merme Berlin
le prunier
the glow
salt and stone
yu beauty
karma mama
isla apothecary
fine cosmetic


mooi natural beauty
by Natalie Andriani

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