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Le Prunier

Le Prunier has been founded by three sisters. The plum seeds for the Plum Beauty Oil are grown, harvested and cold-pressed on the family’s 100-year-old farm in Sutter County, CA., the world’s largest organic grower of plums. 

In November 2017, siblings Jacqueline, Allison and Elaine Taylor co-founded Le Prunier, an innovative and organic beauty line based on the Power of Plum. Made from plums that are grown, harvested, and cold-pressed on the Taylor Farm in California, Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil is a multi-purpose formula that works to restore, replenish, and balance skin, hair, and nails.

The commitment to the environment is a driving force behind Le Prunier. So much of what the family does depends on our beautiful earth. From start to finish, the products remain ethical, eco-friendly and organic so that you reap the benefits in every last drop and the source remains protected.

Le Prunier are proud to be 100% natural, USDA, CCOF organic certified, as well as PETA certified, cruelty free, vegan and halal certified.

Meet the Founders

Jacqueline entered UCLA as a Pre-Med Biopsychology major for Dermatology and has always been extremely passionate about skincare. She is also a graduate of Living Light Culinary Institute where her passion for health and wellness was fully realized. Prior to Le Prunier, Jacqueline worked at Mayfield Fund, a Venture Capital firm in Menlo Park. She is currently developing proprietary processes on the amazing benefits of Plum Beauty Oil. Her diverse background in the sciences and culinary arts has enabled her to focus much of her efforts on byproduct innovation and R&D for Le Prunier.

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