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The Glow 

The concept of Munich-based skincare brand The Glow is very simple: free your skin from everything that isn’t beneficial to it and nourish it with only the finest, ultra-pure botanical ingredients. 100% organic and untreated plant oils, plant butters and hydrosols retain their healing powers and leave your skin clear, calm and glowing.

The Glow Essentials were created with the intention of being the cleanest skincare products on the market. Uncompromisingly pure, without synthetic ingredients and with a reduced but sophisticated line-up of the best plant-based ingredients in the world. The Essentials are the only products you’ll ever need for a pared-down, healthy skincare routine. Consider them a minimalist capsule wardrobe: mix and match them to suit every need your skin has.

We are proud to be the first retailer that stocked The Glow in Switzerland only 3 months after their and our launch.



Meet the Founder

Anita Bechloch The Glow

Anita Bechloch is very well-known for her DIY cosmetics and several books she has written about the topic. As more and more people were asking if she would sell also ready formulated products, she decided to start her own cosmetics line in 2019 and The Glow was born. A line with few basic products, all fully natural with organic ingredents. Products that are easy to use and still can be mixed and matched according to the needs of your skin. 


Pictures and text (adapted) from The Glow.


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