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about mooi natural beauty

mooi is a space for natural beauty, skincare and make-up. I favour a gentle approach and believe that often less is more. At mooi we celebrate beauty as it is: natural and individual.

I have always loved beauty products and make-up as a way to underline a person’s individual beauty. This is what lead me to do a formal makeup artist training many years ago. I was fascinated by the fact that you can change the look and shape of a face with just make-up.

Later I much more appreciated a natural and healthy look. Through my education as nutritional therapist in 2018, I discovered what nourishes the body and how nutrition has a positive impact on wellbeing and health. But one thing that struck me, is that we think a lot about “good and bad” foods, but not about what we put on our skin. The skin is the biggest organ of the body, so isn’t it worth it paying closer attention to it? I started to educate myself and research the ingredients of skincare and make-up.

What I found out made me transition to green and natural beauty products and I have not regretted it a second. Why stick to harmful substances, when there are amazing natural alternatives? Very quickly I saw the results and I understood what it means to “feel good in your skin”. After experiencing such a positive change myself, the idea to found mooi and make the most amazing products available in Switzerland was born and realised in 2019. In 2021 I completed my degree in Organic Skincare Formulation with Formula Botanica. It was a long lasting wish to learn more about natural ingredients, preservation and formulation. Since then my respect for formulators and small manufacturers of organic skincare has grown even more, knowing in detail what lies behind the creation of each product until it is market ready. Having studied organic skincare formulation also allows me to look at ingredients and efficiency of formulations in a different manner and my goal remains, to bring the most gorgeous brands and products to you.

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customer voices

I ordered a package last Thursday and it arrived literally overnight! What amazing service!

M. U.

via Instagram

Super excited to receive my items from them and could not be more pleased with their responsive, quick, understanding and great service thus far!

L. P.

via Google

Great place for natural cosmetics! Very friendly and competent advice from the shop owner.

W. B.

via Google

With Natalie’s help I achieved one of my goals I set for this year: going completely clean beauty and honestly I will never go back.

S. B.

via Instagram

Ich bin immer mega happy mit den Produkten von mooi. Die Bestellungen werden schnell bearbeitet und versendet.

M. M.

via Google

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