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A combination of Japanese beauty
secrets with high quality natural ingredients.

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Bi;jus is an innovative new Japanese beauty brand offering products for a simplified, high-performance, yet express routine that fits in with urban and busy lifestyles. 

Bi = Beauty
; = Yin and Yang
jus = Juice, freshness

Bi;jus = beauty, balance between yin and yang, and freshness.


Meet the Founder

Medea Herbalore

Raised in Japan in a unique environment, Keiko Suyama grew up surrounded by Japanese philosophy and aesthetics. She is a former fashion journalist and brand manager for her own fashion brand. After a challenging time, she turned to her fundamental interest in beauty and became passionate about mixing holistic rituals to create her own beauty and wellness lifestyle. She lives and works in Paris.

Pictures and text (adapted) from bijo.

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