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The world outside nourishes the world within.

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natureofthings is a modern wellness house rooted in the enduring wisdom of nature. They believe that health is harmony. It’s synchronicity of body, mind and the natural world. Their ingredients come from the earth – plants, minerals, and elements, and formulas are equal parts curative and preventive, designed to give you a good today and even better tomorrow. They stand for uncompromising quality, science-backed results and a commitment to total transparency.

Elemental beauty and wellness goes beyond the clean, plant-based and botanical narratives. It incorporates the ingredients crafted through fire, air, water and raw earth that have informed natural remedies for self care throughout the ages.

“We believe it is right to feel good. But fast answers and quick fixes won’t get us there. Taking care of oneself is a daily practice. It means tuning in to the rhythms of our own bodies as well as those of the world around us. It means being present in the moment to lay a more healthful foundation for the future. Of course, we do not take credit for these ideas. They are practically as old as time. Yet they are powerful and true.

They are the nature of things.”

Meet the Founders

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JP Collett, Founder & CEO

Growing up by the ocean in Newport Beach, California, JP developed an early appreciation for nature, finding a peaceful respite from the bustle of daily life. During his twenty-year career building brands for fashion, lifestyle and beauty companies, he traveled the world, where he encountered the medicinal practices of other cultures that opened his eyes to new ways of thinking around health and well-being. Ultimately JP came to envision a holistic wellness brand founded on three things that had shaped his own self-care journey; a reverence for the outdoors, and by extension, a dedication to clean, sustainable formulations; an appreciation for alternative curable practices, especially those of Eastern Medicine, and a personal belief in the therapeutic benefits of plant medicine.

Jamie Leilani Pelayo, Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer

Jamie is a trained herbalist and sacred plant medicine apprentice, who leads product development and all brand conceptual initiatives. A veteran of the fashion and beauty industries, she previously worked as a marketing executive and content producer for leading lifestyle brands including Vogue, Sephora, Kendo Brands, and Violet Grey. In 2015, she founded Stories+Objects, a website featuring small-batch products created by indigenous artisans around the world, accompanied by narrative short films exploring their craft. Having witnessed the cultivation of ancient medicinal plants like frankincense and precious rose oil during her travels, she views her role as natureofthings co-founder as an extension of her pursuit to share the purest and highest-quality products with a world of increasingly conscious consumers.

Pictures and text (adapted) from natureofthings.

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