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A new way of thinking about organic skin care; a ritual, not routine.


LESSE is a brand-new perspective on organic skin care. a condensed routine of unwavering, effective fundamentals. Thoroughly researched, meticulously formulated, and thoughtfully packaged – for the best effect on your skin and the least impact on the environment.

Based on the idea that less is more, LESSE offers an expertly curated collection of essential skincare produced from powerful and uncompromising ingredients, to enrich skin and one’s daily rituals. A way of lowering consumption and clutter while making room for a slower, more deliberate approach to beauty.


Meet the Founder

lesse neada deters

Founder Neada Deters never felt represented by this industry. It was always a world of aspiration, not inclusion. LESSE is the response to – and shift away from – an archaic paradigm.

LESSE believe organic skin care is a universal necessity, transcending binaries and essential to the individual and collective health. Their focus is on creating real solutions for common and chronic skin concerns. Through products that are truly effective and considerate of the Earth.

But more than skin care, it is a space created for representation, sustainability and integrity within the industry. Where we can celebrate the infinite modes of beauty that already exist within you.

LESSE is a new way of approaching skin care. A tribute to you and to everyone of us. The many different things that define who we are.

Pictures and text (adapted) from LESSE.

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