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Waterless skincare

Booming Bob

Booming Bob is a botanical skincare series, completely waterless with only potent and nourishing oils, waxes and extracts.

All ingredients are displayed on the front of the products and are selected for their function, quality and minimal impact on the environment. Each ingredient performs a function and nothing is added as a filling. Organic and sustainable.

The use of plastic is minimized and outer packaging consists of 100% recycled paper.

The Booming Bob Story

At a wedding a couple of years ago, Emil, one of the creators behind Booming Bob, met an elderly American man named Bob – who was a charismatic and well-traveled person.

When Bob learned that Emil was a product developer, he told of his interest in skincare; he had been plagued with various skin problems throughout his life, which more or less forced him to become his own skincare expert.

During his travels to the Middle East, Bob had been introduced to skin care based on oils and natural extracts, instead of water and fillers that he was used to seeing in the ingredient lists of regular products. Curious, he started buying raw materials and was soon sold on the concept he described as genuine.

Emil made a quick note about the conversation on his phone, and the seed of what Booming Bob is today was sown: Botanical.

Pictures and text (adapted) from Booming Bob.

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