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Colour your nails healthy!


Based on a patented technology, Nailberry L’Oxygéné Premium products not only offer great and healthier colours but have also been complemented by a perfectly coordinated range of premium nail care products for manicures to repair and strengthen damaged nails in the long term.

NAILBERRY developed the L’Oxygéné collection with the aim of offering a healthier manicure. The range uses patented technologies to offer nail products that combine the following characteristics:



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The nail polish range is seasonally expanded with limited trend colours.

Meet the Founder

NAILBERRY was founded in 2012 by Sonia Hully. The brand started life as a luxury Nail Bar based in Chelsea London and swiftly transitioned into a range of multi-award winning premium polishes.

When Sonia noted her high profile clientele were continuing to experience dry and damaged nails whether it was the result of lifestyle, pollution, or from the semi-permanent gel manicures, she went about developing a range of polishes that would help combat their concerns.

The result was the award winning L’Oxygéné range. Using the latest in patented technology the L’Oxygéné range delivers colour in a healthier manicure. The range has since been complimented with an extensive range of Nail Treatments exclusively designed to further treat and repair damaged nails.

Pictures and text (adapted) from Nailberry.

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