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YÙ Beauty

YÙ is Mandarin for Jade and symbolises the high-quality gemstones that are both the basis and the specialty of the YÙ series.

YÙ Beauty Face Rollers and Gua Sha combine the effective facial massage with the potent power of high quality precious stones. The high quality of the gems is rare and makes the YÙ products so special.

Many rollers on the market are not made of real stones but from “reconstituted stones” (powder from quartz or minerals, mixed with plastics for an attractive look and feel), glass or quartz, which are mixed with polymers, colors and adhesives so that they look and feel like gemstones.

This is where YÙ is different as they know where their stones come from. The stones are bought directly from the mines, no unknown middlemen. This means transparency from the procurement of the stones to the finished product. YÙ guarantees the quality of their authentic Grade A +++ gemstones besides ensuring no child labor, but fair wages. Regular exams, both by official bodies as well as by the company through regular visits and very close contact to their local partners.

A Millenium Old Health Tradition

Massage with precious stones has a tradition going back thousands of years: Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), one of the oldest medical systems in the world, mentions massage and lymphatic drainage with precious stones as a means of tui na (massage) around the 8 principles of TCM in the body to bring into balance.

The history of the Face Roller is also interesting: As a royal beauty secret that dates back to the 7th century in Asia, it was only up to the rulers to care for and beautify their skin with precious stones, primarily jade.

YÙ has refined and reinterpreted this technique in a modernized way: YÙ Beauty facial rollers stimulate the skin with lymphatic drainage. This detoxifies and visibly improves the skin’s structure and appearance.

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Pictures and text (adapted) from YÙ Beauty.


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