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Hair and nail therapy

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uka=羽化 in Japanese means when a pupa comes out of the cocoon and becomes a butterfly.

As a total beauty salon brand, their aim is to play the role in helping men and women become beautiful and spread beauty through the world like butterflies pollinate flying from one flower to another.

Beauty is a joy. Receiving compliments is also a joy. Joyfulness brings a smile on the face.

uka think that the smile evolved from confidence and satisfaction is ‘true beauty’.

Hair, nail, hands, skin, face, scent… A total beauty salon sprung from an idea to increase occasions for you to be even more beautiful and joyful.

Meet the Founder

uka kiho

Kiho Watanabe is not a typical local manicurist from Tokyo who spends all day in the salon. She is a designated manicurist for the media and a nail art/care instructor. She manages the uka salon that she founded, and is actively involved in brand and product development.

As a top manicurist, she leads an active life in media, advertising and salon work. Her beauty work and advancement of the Japanese beauty industry has garnered worldwide attention. Her passion for nail art is rooted in not just beautiful nails, but healthy nails.  Her talent has been buzzed about among Japanese celebrities and beauty mavens. They praise her designs and color balancing aesthetics. She is also highly sought after for her focus on nail care treatments to achieve healthy nails.

As president and producer of uka, she is currently opening new salons and continuing to grow her globally recognized brand and work.

Pictures and text (adapted) from uka.

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