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Pureness for your skin


konnìaku konjac sponges consist of 100% plant fibre from pure Konjac root. Thanks to the fine fibre structure of the root, the sponge cleanses the skin thoroughly and gently without irritating it. In addition, the natural pH value of the skin is maintained and the protective acid mantle is strengthened. It’s a sustainable alternative to any other sponges you have been using.

As they are very gentle, don’t worry to use them every day. Just make sure to replace the sponge after 2-3 months. You can discard them in your green garbage or use them in a plant pot in summer to keep the soil moist. Double win.


Which sponge for which skin?

Konjac Pure – for most sensitive skin and children
Japan Rose – normal and dry skin
Kaolin – sensitive skin
Aloe Vera – dry, irritated and fragile skin
Lavender – irritated, stressed and inflamed skin
Charcoal – oily and blemished skin

Pictures and text (adapted) from konniaku.

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