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beVIVID makes drinking water more fun by actively influencing your water ritual. These reusable, dishwasher safe glass water bottles bring a colourful twist to your drinking habits. We have them in two sizes and beautiful colours available. The glass bottles are lightweight and protected by a removable silicone sleeve. Because water just tastes best from a glass bottle that is definitely leak-proof, easy to maintain and infinitely reusable.

Meet the Founder

During her time in Asia, Lisa experienced many new customs. The habit of never moving further than arm’s length from a drink of water particularly inspired her. A friend there told her that this ritual was the key to beautiful, healthy skin and she saw it almost everywhere there. So it wasn’t long before she also called arm’s length to a sip of water her personal beauty ritual.

With this new habit, it was easier than ever for her to actually drink two liters or more every day. The result was incredible and confirmed that conscious drinking is the basis of a healthy body and great skin.

Motivated to keep up my water ritual, she was unable to find the right companion after her return. Most of the bottles were unfortunately made of plastic, not really appealing and often not 100% leakproof. She decided to take her idea of ​​the perfect arm length into her own hands. This laid the foundation stone for beVIVID. A bottle made of handmade borosilicate glass and a soft silicone cover that motivates me to drink again and again.

(Pictures and text adapted from beVIVID)

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