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RAAW Alchemy

Transformative, Plant Powered, Mindful

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RAAW Alchemy

RAAW by Trice became RAAW Alchemy. It was created with the intention of approaching beauty in a holistic manner and a ritual of self-care that encompasses so much more than simply applying products.

RAAW is an award-winning oil-based & clean beauty collection from Denmark, crafted with organic, sustainable and wild harvested ingredients and ocean botanicals. Natures finest ingredients and best kept secrets in a bottle. No need to choose between natural or results – RAAW Alchemy is all in one. The transformational ritual and long term results your skin has been waiting for. 

Meet the Founder

trice christiansen raaw alchemy

“The story behind RAAW – It all started when I moved to New York. I was living a healthy life, ate organically and took good care of myself – except when it came to the beauty products, I assumed, I was pampering myself with every day. For some reason, I never thought about all of the harmful chemicals they contained and they actually go straight into our bodies. One morning I woke up with a horrible rash on my face – it came from an expensive high-end brand I trusted. The skin around my eyes was purple, wrinkled and flaky. It was horrifying. At that moment I decided I would never put any harmful chemicals on my skin again. I wanted a beauty routine that was good for my skin, my body, and my environment. I began studying herbal medicine and the healing properties of plants and herbs as practiced in traditional Chinese and eastern cultures. I created a product that healed my eczema right away and my skin looked even better than before actually… and that’s how it all started. Hope you will enjoy the products as much as I do.”

Trice Angie Christiansen, founder of Raaw Alchemy

“Not only are we transforming and creating little magical things, but we want people to feel they too have the power to transform, whether it is improving their skin or renewing themselves through scent and senses.” 

Pictures and text (adapted) from RAAW Alchemy.

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