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Nurture to Nature Skincare

Karma Mama

Meet Karma Mama, the natural Dutch skincare brand with a conscious heart. Powered by Mother nature’s most precious ingredients, this line stands for gentle skincare products for babies, children and mamas-to-be.

Soothing, smoothing and intensely hydrating. It’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of. The pure yet potent oils, creams and balms prove that less is sometimes more. Less fillers, less toxins, less things we really don’t need.

Organic, plant-derived and active botanicals ingredients are the building stones on which the formulas lean and they make sure it’s safe to use on even your baby’s most delicate skin and that support the elasticity of the skin during pregnancy. The products are as close to planet earth as you can get. This ensures we maintain the natural origin of our skincare range between 98,5% and 100%.

Meet the Founder

For as long as Leonie Stevens can remember, her curiosity towards nature-based and botanical self-care formulas have been present. So far, using commercial skincare products has always left her skin wanting more, and more importantly ‘wanting something better’.

With long ingredient lists and vague safety guarantees, these products were a constant struggle. With limited natural alternatives available, she decided to create her own. And that’s how Karma Mama was born.

Her journey towards natural skincare products led her to the wonders of South East Asia in her search of pure, nourishing and effective formulas. Setting foot on the pristine coasts of Thailand, she knew she found something special. A land filled with a surprising amount of rich ingredients such as virgin coconut, aloe vera, gotu kola and more active botanicals than she could ever imagine. Together with a phyto-cosmetologist specialising in aromatherapy, she started to create plant-based formulas using cold pressed oil and botanical extracts of the highest quality.

Driven by the desire to give back to a culture and country that have given her so much, she came up with a name: Karma Mama. A community brand which offers mamas and their children pure and organic skincare while supporting the mamas, children and families who need it most. 1 Euro from the profit of every product is donated to support their causes and efforts. By buying one of Karma Mama’s products, you can be the good you want to see in the world, starting right here – by directly supporting fair wages, women and local businesses. 

Pictures and text (adapted) from Karma Mama.

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