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Tash. sisterhood

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Tash. sisterhood

Tash. sisterhood and Raw Plants skincare were born out of a holistic mindset based on three core values, female empowerment, sustainability and an inside-out, outside-in approach to health and pure beauty. These are reflected in every step, from the Organic Raw Plants to the face. The majority of the ingredients used come from the same small-scale organic farm. Straight from their natural state, the plants are handled with the utmost care. This ensures the maximum potency from vibrant, active, alive ingredients. They call it Raw Plants Skincare.

In their part of the world, life recurs in the spring after a dark and demanding winter. Tash. have brought that power into their formulations. The products are the essence of Tash. sisterhood’s values translated into safe beauty with the highest degree of Organic Certification – Natrue Organic.

Meet the Founders

uka kiho

Louise and Håkan have both extensive backgrounds in business, finance and fast moving consumer goods. Louise has worked in the food industry, where she developed an early interest and involvement in the organic sector. Female entrepreneurship has been an important part of Louise’s family for generations and has been an effective route to independence and empowerment.

Pictures and text (adapted) from Tash. sisterhood.

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