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Holistic rice-based skincare

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Oryza Lab

It all begins in Comporta…

The story of Oryza Lab begins in Comporta, a small corner of paradise seemingly unaffected by the passing of time. Located in the Alentejo region, about 100 km south of Lisbon, this unspoilt haven with a bohemian spirit is a long-kept secret by its regular visitors and much appreciated for its tranquillity and carefree way of life. An ideal interlude for city-dwellers who wish to reconnect with nature and fully savour the present moment.

Since 1925, the rice fields of Comporta have shaped and coloured the landscape. They are an integral part of the region’s history. Oryza Lab and its Rizotherapy come to life in the hotel’s magnificent Spa overlooking the rice fields – Oryza Spa – where offering rice-based treatments seemed like an obvious choice. Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, the rice grain boasts wonderful properties for the skin. Oryza simply had to make use of them! The concept of Oryza Lab, is an authentic and scientific skincare brand combining the cultural heritage of Comporta with French cosmetic know-how. Rice, a precious resource of the region, is at the heart of the formulation.

Highly concentrated in antioxidant gamma-oryzanol and regenerating inositol, it promotes cell renewal and preserves the skin’s youthful appearance. Oryza paid particular attention to the development of our fragrances by taking up a challenge that was very important to them: to ban synthetic molecules but also allergens.

Their fragrances are 100% natural, but do not contain allergenic substances which come mainly from essential oils. They are therefore perfectly safe and adapted to sensitive and reactive skin.


Meet the Founders

Oryza spa

An unusual story that started as a meeting between Miguel Cancio Martins, architect and owner of the hotel Quinta da Comporta and Marianne Brass, expert in cosmetic development.

Miguel transforms old farm buildings into an exceptional place that reflects his love for the region and places wellness and nature at the very centre. By preserving the traditions and putting rice at the heart of his project, he builds the Oryza Spa, birthplace of Rizotherapy. 

Marianne is an adept of clean beauty and wellness. She has worked in product development for 10 years. Aware of the wonderful benefits of rice, she becomes passionate about the project.

Together, they come up with the concept of Oryza Lab, an authentic and scientific skincare brand combining the cultural heritage of Comporta with French cosmetic know-how.

Pictures and text (adapted) from Oryza Lab.

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