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Repurposing Textile Industry Overstock

Rive Droite Paris

Upstyling… say what?

Upstyling = Upcycling + Lifestyle.
A magic word, straight out of our overflowing imaginations, to explain the Rive Droite approach.

Upcycling is the art of giving “trash” a second chance in life. Their own little trick? Fabric offcuts, jean offcuts and surplus cotton bales left over from fabric factories. These are the materials of their choice.

Lifestyle, well you already know that one.

More than just the simple art of living, Upstyling, is their mantra: it means to help make a difference and move one step closer to a desirable, more sustainable economy. Where materials are selected with the environment and the wellbeing of those who wear them in mind. Where products are responsibly manufactured. For fair prices.

Meet the Founders

Here they are: Yasmine, Sofia and Aurélie. They started Rive Droite together to help make a difference.

To work together. To produce together. To change how we consume.

The mission? To create cool, high-quality, eco-friendly, fairly priced accessories that are kind to people and the environment.

You might be wondering: “Why Rive Droite Paris?”

That’s just a little nod to the Paris they know and love, where they first met and where it all began.

And, while on the topic, the Rive Droite district is also where you’ll find the best restaurants in all of Paris!

Pictures and text (adapted) from Rive Droite Paris.

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