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Namari is now Lacueor


Born out of Swiss luxurious natural cosmetic brand Namari Skin the new skincare line Lacueor lifts this already sophisticated concept onto an even higher level that is hard to find anywhere else: Welcome to Quantum Cosmetics! 

A luxurious skincare routine that is so much more than just “cosmetic”: a touch on a higher plane. A caress that amplifies our energies, embraces, ensnares, and indulges us.

Equivibrating in the natural rhythm of the cosmos and us. 

In pure love and dedication to oneself Lacueor sees its completion. A skincare created from and united with the heart.


Meet the Founder

Based on a collective of creative and energetic women Judith Springer has elevated Laceuor to a potion, that gets you back in touch with the warmth and innermost connection to your sublime Inner Being. Nadine Ammari gave birth to Namari Skin and remains the magician behind all formulas of Lacueor.

 Pictures and text (adapted) from Lacueor.

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