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The product range of Swiss company bepure is 100% natural, vegan certified and contains no artificial additives but highest quality argan oil. The company deliberately abstains from preservatives, perfume, alcohol and parabens as well as all products of the mineral oil and palm oil industry. The founders know their suppliers personally and support fair trade by ensuring fair pay of the employees of their production partners. The products are bottled and packed in Winterthur, Switzerland, supporting local work integration.

Meet the Founders

bepure founders

A nearly 2-year world tour through Asia, Europe and North Africa changed Kathleen’s and Fabian’s attitude towards consumption and resources and strengthened their connection to nature. In eight months through Morocco our love and passion for this country and its people grew.

Wonderful and intensive acquaintance with the local people and the enthusiasm for the effects of argan oil gave them the idea to create a natural cosmetics line that combines natural ingredients, sustainability and social responsibility.

(Text and pictures adapted from bepure)

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