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Based in Oslo, RUA is a minimal, high-performance skincare brand.

RUA is designed in perfect Scandinavian simplicity and incorporates lush Nordic ingredients. Wild harvested Norwegian sea kelp, Icelandic sea kale, Swedish oat, Arctic blackcurrant, glacial snow mushrooms, and Swedish plant stem cell extracts. Each product is created in reflection of the Nordic lifestyle; timelessness, quality, functionality, inspired by nature, and with focus on sustainability.

To reduce our C02 footprint, over 90% of our ingredients and packaging are sourced from Europe. RUA’s sustainable packaging is made of FSC & ECF certified paper, paper labels with water resistant plant-based laminate, and glass bottles with dropper tops for easy recycling.

Indulge in these synergistically crafted products that are incredible for delicate skin as welll as everyone else. 

Meet the Founder

RUA Founder Kristina

Kristina Dunn is a former fashion designer, full time DJ, and two-time award winning graduate from Formula Botanica with diplomas in Organic Skincare Formulation, Organic Cosmetic Science, Anti-Aging Skincare, and Beauty Business Management.

Each of her formulations are designed in excellence with hand-picked ingredients that show results. Her exquisite products leave the skin ultra hydrated, soft to touch, relieved of irritation, and with a youthful glow. 

Her vision creates sophisticated and effortless products that are ethically and sustainably produced in Norway. With years of dedication and research in developing natural beauty, she’s a vanguard in couture skincare.

Pictures and text (adapted) from RUA.

mooi’s 5 questions to Kristina


3 Words that describe your brand/business




RUA Soothe Serum


Favourite ritual

My morning yoga ritual, it calms my mind, keeps me in a positive mindset, and helps me feel good.


Product you can’t live without

Would it be too cliché to say I can’t live without my Soothe & Hydrate duo? Yes? Ok, lip balm. I cannot live without lip balm. My personal formula is my fav, but when I don’t have time to make them I use Neal’s Yard Remedies Shea Nut & Rose hip lip balm.


 Best part of your work

Changing the lives of my customers and their skin. It’s the best feeling in the world when a customer reports curing their skin issues from switching to the RUA routine.


Favourite place

Oo, this is hard! I have many favourite places, where to begin!?
In the water is one of my favourite places. I’m a Pisces and the water is my sanctuary. Whether it’s freezing sea temps or in a turquoise tropical paradise, I feel free when I’m in the water.

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