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The Mooi Christmas Shop

Let's indulge and enjoy this festive time.

Discover our selection for a wonderful Christmas with lovely gifts for yourself
and your loved ones.

Luxury Christmas

For us Luxury is all about the efficacy, texture or olfactory experience
that makes something feel extra luxury. And these
products are amongst the best you can get!

This is our selection of gifts with that special, luxurious feel.

Lacueor Elixier Botanical Treatment Serum

As a synergetic composition of local and exotic ingredients, oils, flowers and spices, this golden red serum envelops the skin drop by drop with sensual warmth, regenerates it deeply and supplies it with vital nutrients.

In Fiore Firmante Leg Tonic

A leg tonic to strengthen and invigorate circulation to restore flow to the legs. Infused with herbal actives like echinacea, fennel, alfalfa, dandelion and horse chestnut, it targets the unwanted effects of circulatory stagnation, water retention, and tissue laxity. It’s perfect after dry brushing to further activate the lymphatic system.

Monastery Attar

Monastery Attar – Floral Repair Concentrate

This essential-oil free nourishing balm is full of precious ingredients that protect skin and boost its glow. This balm is a hero for hydrating and nourishing skin. It’s a favourite of dry and ageing skin types but it is suitable for all skin types.

For the trendy

Our selection for the trend-conscious and metropolitans. No matter if you are looking for a gift for your best friend, your office colleague or your sister, these gifts will be loved so much that they will never forget who gifted them.

LESSE Essential Moisturizer

Rejuvenating Tremella & Natural Vitamin C

Best for dry, sensitive, and hyperpigmented skin.

Cosmic Dealer Herbal Koffee

A nutrient-dense, unsweetened coffee alternative made from a roasted blend of chicory, rye, and barley, and enhanced with Chaga, a functional mushroom for immunity. With a delicious, smooth taste for sustained natural energy, better digestion and zero caffeine.

LILFOX Ambrosia Immortalis The Eye Complex

A leave-on eye mask is energised with 3 unique firming and smoothing peptide chains and a botanical retinol alternative from dew beans. A surge of hydration plumps and smooths. Under eye area is brighter and overall appearance is improved.


Home SPA gifts

Taking care of our physical and mental wellbeing is invaluable. What is better than lighting a divinely scented candle, put on your favourite music, prepare a warm, relaxing bath and enjoy with all senses.

Gift your loved ones everything for a Home Spa experience that helps them to reduce stress, unwind and relax. Because spending time doing something for yourself is the real luxury!

Agent Nateur Body (Balm) Ageless Body Treatment Cream

Body (balm) with its moisturising agents is the fast track to soft skin. Welcome to a revitalised glow, body-wide. This is head to toe skin nourishment.

LILFOX Blue Legume Hydra-Soothe Reparative Treatment Mask

Out of the deep blue comes a wildly soft, reparative treatment mask that delivers exceptional hydration while it reduces redness and irritation. This luxuriously rich thick pudding texture will nourish and repair dull and compromised skin.

It’s perfect to calm and rehydrate the skin during the cold season.

Leahlani Aloha Glow Kit

Leahlani’s travel-size Bestsellers in one set for the ultimate glow experience.

The Glow Kit includes:

  • 30ml Pamplemousse Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil
  • 30ml Mermaid Mask
  • 15ml Bless Balm


For him

Whereas most of our products are unisex, here is our selection of products, that have been appreciated by men and make them the perfect gift for him. Be it the scent or the consistency that makes them especially suitable for the favourite men in your life. Trust us – many men love the real and herbal scents of natural products.

uka Wake Up! Shampoo

Fortify and awaken the hair at the root with this amino acid shampoo.

Wake up! Shampoo awakens the hair at the root and strengthens the lengths to give them tone and volume.

For fine, flat and lifeless hair.

LILFOX Mystic Awakening Rosemary Toning Mist

A synergy of steam distilled organic Rosemary verbenone hydrolat infused with amethyst crystals. Rosemary has incredible therapeutic properties for the skin. It is extremely antimicrobial, purifying and stimulates circulation.

For all skin types, especially oily, acne prone and combination.

RAAW Alchemy Room 64 Eau De Parfum

Alluring. Tempting. Mysterious.

Room 64 evokes the feeling of old Hollywood. Conjuring the seduction of a famed Chateau, enriched with an air of temptation and decadence. A tantalising blend of patchouli, tobacco leaf and bergamot seductively laced with dark vanilla, hints of jasmine and smoked birchwood. Clean, natural and sustainable.

For the outdoor enthusiast

Being outoors can be so beautiful in winter or who doesn’t love a walk in fresh snow? But unfortunately often skin is feeling left dry and tight. Spoil any outdoor lover with the right protection and after care for unlimited winter fun. So they can fully enjoy their outdoor adventures without cracked lips and dry skin.

Henné Organics Blomma Luxury Hand Cream

A rich yet lightweight and fast-absorbing Luxury Hand Cream with an elegant, slightly floral scent offering a smooth texture that’s both moisturising and non-greasy.

Le Prunier Plumscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 31

Award-winning Le Prunier Plumscreen® combines broad spectrum sun protection with the skincare benefits of Le Prunier’s cult-favourite Plum Beauty Oil. Plumscreen™ protects, hydrates and primes the skin for makeup application. Unlike most sunscreens, this formula stays in place and does not shift under makeup.

Josh Rosebrook Vital Balm Cream Unscented

Vital Balm Cream Unscented is a fragrance and essential oil-free formula that combines the restorative barrier benefits of a natural balm with the absorption and luxury finish of a cream. It supports true skin health by facilitating maximum cellular hydration and reinforcing the protective skin barrier.

On a Budget

Our Christmas gift guide for purposeful gifts on a budget of under CHF 40.00.
The perfect stocking fillers, secret santa gifts or if you have a big family
and need many gifts.

Get inspired by our budget-friendly selection of cool gifts.

Cosmic Dealer Chakra Chocolates – Box of 7 Bestsellers

An assortment of 7 Chakra Chocolates with the bestselling flavours. These healthy nut and seed butter squares, enrobed in raw dark chocolate and micro-dosed with functional botanicals are a delicious treat for every wellness foodie.

Octō Christmas Tree Candle

Would there be a more perfect gift for Christmas than the Octō Festive Collection? The candles are hand poured, made from the finest soy wax for a cleaner and longer burn and they smell just amazing.

Christmas Tree is a richly spiced scent with bold notes of cypress, pine, cloves, black pepper, and warm cinnamon.

Anima Mundi Palo Santo Sacred Wood Incense

Palo Santo is traditionally used to purify bacteria from the air and above all, to clear bad energy and spirits that stagnate within spaces. It is also commonly used for relieving common colds, flu symptoms, stress, asthma, headaches, anxiety, depression, inflammation, emotional pain and more. This palo santo is 100% ethically harvested from Peru.

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