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The Innate Life

The Innate Life are creators of fully natural beauty products – so good you can leave your conventional products behind. Believing in the power of natural ingredients and having seen the results they can produce firsthand, it has become their mission to share with others how effective these natural ingredients can be – without all the potentially toxic stuff, without sulfates, parabens and of course cruelty-free. Instead the products are loaded with antioxidants and herbal extracts.

All products are made inhouse. Having control of their products from start to finish is important to them in order to ensure that you receive the products just as they intended them: fresh, high-quality, and packed full of natural goodness. Their products are made from scratch and every product will contain The Innate Life’s signature blend of Ayurvedic herbs which include Bhringaraj, Brahmi, Amla, Tulsi and Neem.

Meet the Founder

Bhavna The Innate Life

Bhavna, the founder of The Innate Life was inspired by one of the oldest healing systems, Ayurveda, and determined to solve her own hair problems when the story of The Innate Life began.

Coming from an Indian background Bhavna was introduced to oils at a very young age. Her mother routinely massaged her scalp with oils up until the age of 10. Bhavna hated the oils initially, but realised later in life how beneficial they were for her scalp/hair. “I was born with a dry scalp, but during my teenage years it got worse. I started to notice a lot of issues with my scalp, such as constant itching, pain, and spot balding. I went to several doctors for help, but it only provided temporary relief.”

Disappointed by traditional medication, she created her first product, the Dry Scalp Treatment for her own relief. The mix of antifungal and anti-bacterial oils and herbs took several months to get right, but it was well worth the wait. The treatment was exactly what Bhavna’s scalp needed and worked better than any of the medications she ever tried. This is when her oil obsession began and The Innate Life shortly followed.

Pictures and text (adapted) from The Innate Life.

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