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Handmade in Arosa


Handcrafted in Arosa, in the Swiss Alps, these soap bars are different to conventional soaps and shower gels. This is primarily due to the handcrafted manufacturing process and cold saponification. Soap is produced by the reaction of caustic soda (sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide) and oil. Seifenmacher uses coconut and sunflower oil as well as shea butter and cocoa butter. These raw materials have all food quality and come from organic farming.

Solid soap is more ecological than liquid soap. The packaging is made of recycled paper. Plastic waste is massively reduced. All products are free of palm oil without exception.

Meet the Founder

Founded by Beat Urech, the soap-maker’s factory is now entirely in family hands. Elisabeth takes care of the confectioning and shipping of the soaps to the flatter areas (the Unterland), Armin is on hand to help with technical issues and keeps a cool head when a seemingly insoluble problem arises, and Beat, as the core of the soap making business, manages production and is responsible for the entire development.

Rumours say that no family in Arosa smells better than the Urechs…

Pictures and text (adapted) from Seifenmacher.

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