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YÙ Beauty Obsidian Double Roller

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Beautifully designed rose gold look derma roller made of deep black Obsidian with a structured surface to gently increase and stimulate blood circulation.

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At YÙ BEAUTY, the traditional knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) meets hand-picked, sustainably produced beauty tools. With the double roller made of obsidian, blood circulation can be stimulated in addition to a well-known face roller massage. However, the skin is not injured as with micro-needling, but only massaged more intensively.

  • Made from real Obsidian
  • Structured surface gently stimulates blood circulation
  • Popular healing stone

Strictly speaking, obsidian is not a gemstone, but so-called volcanic rock glass. Its special origin and striking appearance have always made it a popular stone. But protective properties have also been attributed to it; obsidian is said to have a strengthening and clarifying effect on the psyche.



Apply face oil to the area to be massaged so that the stone can glide easily. The smooth side of the roller is suitable for sensitive skin areas. The structured side can be used to massage the décolleté or the shoulder area. Important: Always work with the roller’s own weight. Rinse under lukewarm water to clean.


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