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YÙ Beauty Bian Stone Gua Sha

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Beautifully designed rose gold look derma roller made of deep black Obsidian with a structured surface to gently increase and stimulate blood circulation.

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At YÙ BEAUTY, the traditional knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) meets hand-picked, sustainably produced beauty tools.

The story of Bian stone is that it owes its origin to a meteor impact in north-eastern China. Bian stone is only found in the Shandong region around the crater of the impact and is therefore very rare and valuable.

The harmonising effect of Bian stone during massage is said to surpass that of classical Gua Sha materials such as rose quartz, jade or obsidian. Bian stone is soft and warm and this also distinguishes it from other gemstones. The massage with Bian stone is older than moxibustion and acupuncture and one of the oldest therapy techniques.

Bian stone has a very high iridium content. Iridium is rarer than gold and platinum and one of the rarest non-radioactive metals. Bian also contains up to 40 trace elements and is said to have a high field of “infrared remote sensing” and emits ultrasonic waves.

  • rare, very valuable & traditional Gua Sha stone
  • contains up to 40 trace elements
  • YÙ BEAUTY uses authentic, tested Bian stone of the highest quality
  • also suitable for hot stone applications


YÙ BEAUTY uses authentic, tested Bian Stone in high quality for its Gua Sha stones. The Bian Stone Gua Sha is larger than conventional Gua Sha stones and also thicker, and thus also much heavier, making it a very luxurious tool for the skin.



YÙ BEAUTY Bian Stone Gua Sha can also be used as a hot stone. The authentic, high-quality Bian Stone is particularly suitable for this. Heat the stone and place it on the desired area.

Important note on care: Please do not clean this natural stone with soap or other cleaning agents, but rinse it with lukewarm water.

You can find additional information and the mooi guide of how to use gua sha here.


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