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The Smilist Professional Tongue Scraper Refill

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Purification | Detox | Freshness

Refill for your The Smilist Tongue Scraper.

Inspired by the Ayurvedic detoxifying ritual, this innovative tongue scraper eliminates bacteria accumulated on the tongue during the night.




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Did you know that bacteria can multiply on your tongue every night, affecting your oral hygiene? This tongue scraper has been developed to eliminate these bacteria and revitalise your mouth. It helps maintain a balanced oral microbiota. By removing residual bacteria and food debris from the tongue, it promotes a healthier oral environment. This simple practice helps prevent bad breath, but also reduces the risk of developing dental problems and improves digestion by promoting better absorption of nutrients in the body.


With a double tip to clean and detoxify the mouth in a single gesture. After 15 days, the mouth is detoxified, the breath is fresher and the sense of taste is revived.




We recommend to change the silicone tip every 2/3 months. Simply unhook the silicone part by pressing firmly on the white square behind the tongue scraper. Take the refill, position it on the hole then press. Don’t forget to place the part with the “little dots” down.

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