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The Glow Gua Sha Mushroom

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Gua Sha Mushroom for facial massage. The ancient Chinese technique of Gua Sha helps you to accentuate the contours of your face, relieve tension and increase blood flow.

The perfect tool for gently massaging your oils into the skin, especially around the sensitive eye area. The cooling, decongestant effect tightens the facial features and stimulates the blood circulation.

Made of 100% rose quartz

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Gua Sha is a formal Chinese Medicine technique that works with the flow of blood, lymph, and “Qi”. It is a wonderful self care ritual with many benefits and works with the lymphatic system by stimulating channels of detoxification right below the skin’s surface to clear away debris.

The Gua Sha Mushroom made of hand-cut rose quartz lies wonderfully cool and heavy in the hand. Use it to massage your oils into the skin. The blood circulation is stimulated and the complexion appears firmer and clearer. The use of Gua Sha Mushroom is especially pleasant in the eye area to reduce swelling of the eyelids, to work in an eye product and to massage the temples in case of tension headaches.


Use on cleansed, damp skin to work your facial oil gently into the skin. Massage around the eye area and temples, apply light pressure only.

Also great to remove excess water by massaging from the décolleté upwards in circular movements, with gentle pressure. You can do this with just one Gua Sha Mushroom or use two in synchronised movements. Work your way up, still in circular motion, toward the chin and cheeks and apply gentle pressure on the chin and cheeks to revitalise lacklustre skin and minimise puffiness caused by water retention. Over the sides of the nose to the forehead and back down to the chin. Finish by carefully swiping down along the sides of your neck. Make sure to drink lots of water afterwards.

Read more about using Gua Sha in our guide.

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