Sample Set (5 samples)

CHF 15.00

Receive 5 samples of your choice in one set.

Our sample sets are meant for you to find the right shade or to test the reaction of your skin to the products and feel the consistency before deciding on a purchase. Therefore the amount per sample is intended for 1-2 usages.

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If you can not make it to the store, you have the option to order your Sample Set from the comfort of your home.

You will receive 5 samples of your choice, the amounts are good for 1-2 usages as they are meant to be trial samples. You will either receive a branded sample or we will carefully prepare a sample specifically for you.

Unfortunately the following products can not be sent as samples:

- Products with applicators such as mascaras, brow gel, lip gloss, Ilia True Skin Serum Concealer
- Lip, eye and brow pencils, powder eye shadows, pressed powders, pressed blushes and powder bronzers
- Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil (small size sample can be ordered here)
- Naya Everyday Face Oil (small size sample can be ordere here)
- Any accessories (brushes, sponges, candles, bottles, mitts, face rollers etc.)
- Perfumes
- Spray products like face mists and toners, deo sprays can only be sampled as liquid, not as spray
- Products sold in rollers (e.g. some of our eye serums)
- Bath salts, body exfoliators, body lotions etc will be only provided as small samples to smell and patch test and won't be enough for a full application
- All Ylumi products
- Innersense Organic Beauty Refresh Dry Shampoo, I Create Lift, I Create Waves
- Josh Rosebrook Serum Spray, Lift Spray and Hair Spray
- Merme Berlin Skin Boosters and Glow Boosters
- Eco by Sonya Tanning Mousse
- Deo Sticks and Roll-on's. Fine deodorants can be sampled in most cases.

Note: Sample sets will ship as large letters without tracking number unless they can be added to an existing order. Shipping cost is included in the price of the set.


Please mention the 5 samples you would like to receive in the order notes on the checkout page. If something you would like to try cannot be sampled, we will let you know. Please also see the list above.

If you are unsure which samples are suitable for your skin condition, we are happy to help. Please send us an email before ordering.

Please reuse the sample containers if possible.

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