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ruhi The Ionic Facial Dry Brush

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The Ionic Facial Dry Brush gives your face brushing ritual an upgrade.

The ultra-fine copper bristles create negative ions that energise your facial skin, fight free radicals and give your skin a healthy glow.

Sustainably crafted in Germany. Made of regional, oiled FSC-certified beech wood with 100% natural bristles (ethically sourced horse mane hair; the horses only have their manes trimmed). Extra-fine bronze wire bristles (copper/tin alloy).

For dry use only.

Dimensions: diameter of 50 mm, length of 140 mm

Bristle thickness: medium-firm

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The facial massage with the Ionic Facial Dry Brush

  • energises your facial skin,
  • neutralises free radicals,
  • removes dead skin cells,
  • stimulates cell renewal,
  • increases blood circulation and lymph flow, and
  • gives you a radiant glow.

Without pressure, brush with light strokes.


Positive ions impede the supply of energy to your body from the outside. Therefore, to establish an energy balance, negatively charged ions (anions) should be introduced. The super-fine copper bristles of the Ionic Facial Dry Brush create these anions directly on your skin, which means your body accepts them directly – your skin is balanced, energised and refreshed.

Moreover, dry brushing with the Ionic Facial Dry Brush removes dead skin cells, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, encourages cell renewal, and helps the body detoxify itself naturally.



The ruhi Ionic Facial Dry Brush is made of oiled, regional beech wood from responsibly managed forests and features ultra-fine copper wire and ethically sourced natural bristles. The brush is sustainably and traditionally crafted in Germany. The brush may lose individual hairs during the first few uses. This is completely normal and will stop by itself after a short time.



The copper brush is not a new invention, but has a very long tradition in healing. Even in the Middle Ages, monks and nuns knew about the energising effect of copper bristles. They used them to fight fatigue and even pain. For this reason, the copper brush is also often referred to as the monastery brush.

The face brush with copper bristles is based on the same method as the monastery brush for the body and gives the facial skin new energy and freshness.


Preparation: Always use the brush on dry skin. Without pressure, brush with light strokes and repeat the following steps 3-5 times on each side of your face.

Eyes: Brush gently around your eyes and over your eyebrows in circular movements.

Cheeks and jawline: Start at your chin and brush towards your hairline. Move up to your mouth and nose and stroke out towards your ears.

Forehead: Place the brush in the middle of your forehead and brush horizontally out towards your temples. Work with short upward strokes between your brows.

Neck: Start at the base of your neck and brush up towards your chin. Done! Apply your favourite skincare product and enjoy your silky-smooth and glowing skin.

Please do not use this brush if you are allergic to copper or tin.

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