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ruhi The Ceramide Oil Serum Cleanser

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Organic oil-to-milk cleanser with ceramides for deeply cleansed and soothed skin.

This multifunctional Ceramide Oil Serum Cleanser gently removes waterproof make-up and mascara, SPF and grime from the skin – without leaving a feeling of tightness or an oily film.

Suitable for all skin types, perfect for dry, mature and sensitive skin.



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The innovative oil cleanser combines the soothing and anti-inflammatory power of high-quality organic active ingredient oils such as organic jojoba oil, organic rice germ oil and squalane with effective slow-ageing ingredients such as ceramides, vitamin E, turmeric and bisabolol. This pampers the skin during the cleansing ritual with skin-soothing care that sustainably strengthens the skin barrier.

The highlight: thanks to its special formulation, the oil cleanser transforms into a gentle but highly effective cleansing milk when it comes into contact with water. It therefore combines the two cleansing steps of the classic oil cleansing method in just one wash cycle. The result: thoroughly cleansed, incredibly soft and soothed skin in its natural balance.


  • Cleanses the skin intensively and deep into the pores without drying it.
  • Can soothe the skin and alleviate redness.
  • Strengthens the skin barrier and restores the microbiome to its natural balance.


Key Ingredients

Cold-pressed organic jojoba oil forms the basis of our Oil Cleanser. It is a particularly high-quality oil that is known for its anti-inflammatory effect, strengthens the skin barrier and improves skin elasticity.

Rice bran oil is known for its skin-soothing properties and is therefore particularly recommended for sensitive and irritated skin.

Organic-based squalane oil from organic sugar cane has been proven to strengthen the skin barrier and the microbiome.

Natural lipids that protect the skin from moisture loss and strengthen the skin barrier.

The calming and anti-inflammatory effect of turmeric extract has been scientifically confirmed.

The active ingredient bisabolol, extracted from camomile, can soothe stressed skin and counteract redness.



  • 84.4% organic ingredients
  • Effective oil cleanser and mild cleansing milk in one product
  • Innovative, natural cosmetic slow-ageing formulation
  • Skin-soothing and microbiome-strengthening formula
  • Suitable for all skin types, perfect for dry, mature and sensitive skin
  • Non comedogenic
  • Formulated with scientifically proven ingredients in the right concentrations
  • No fillers or water, contains only high-quality, effective ingredients
  • Free of alcohol, synthetic colours, fragrances, preservatives, microplastics, mineral oils, silicones and parabens
  • Naturally stable formulation without preservatives
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Sustainable packaging with 100% recyclable glass bottle




The Oil Serum Cleanser can be used both in the morning and in the evening. It is perfect for gently removing waterproof make-up, sun cream and dirt from the skin.
Take 2 to 3 pumps of the Oil Serum Cleanser and apply it evenly to your – important: dry – skin.

Massage the cleanser well into dry skin to dissolve waterproof make-up and dirt. Then moisten your hands and gently massage again. You will notice how the cleanser now takes on a slightly milky texture.

Thanks to the new consistency of a light cleansing milk, you can now simply wash off the cleanser with water. Thoroughly remove all product residue and feel how it nourishes your skin while cleansing.

TIP: If you wear a lot of mascara, use a cotton pad, washable pad or cloth to remove the colour. This way you can avoid a “panda effect”.

Now dry your skin carefully with a towel and enjoy the fresh, clean and velvety-soft feeling

This Oil Serum Cleanser is perfect as the first product in your skincare ritual. Thanks to the gentle and nourishing formulation of the cleanser, you are already doing something good for your skin during cleansing and optimally preparing it for subsequent care.



Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*, Squalane**, Polyglyceryl-4 Oleate, Prunus Amygdalus (Sweet Almond) Dulcis Oil*, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Oil*, Ceramide NP, Bisabolol, Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) Root Extract*, Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil

*From controlled organic cultivation **From 100% certified organic sugar cane

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