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Ranavat Kansa Wand Facial Massage Tool

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Used for over 5,000 years by Ayurvedic practitioners, the Kansa Wand not only plumps, depuffs, firms, and softens fine lines.

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The Kansa Wand not only plumps, depuffs, firms, and softens fine lines, but when acids are released from the body in conjunction with the facial tool, it delivers a greying effect on the skin. Easily rinse-able with water, the grey effect signifies that your skin is detoxing. The Kansa Wand is made from teak wood and Kansa metal - a mix of copper and tin. Ancient wisdom claims this metal to be more healing than gold or silver and helps increase your skin's ability to heal.

Ranavat's Kansa Wand is handmade by a family that has been working with the sacred metal for over 900 years. "Not only do I love the skin benefits (copper is INCREDIBLE for the skin) but I love the history and deep rooted traditions that this wand represents." Michelle Ranavat, Founder


The Kansa wand is used to massage the marma or "energy points" on your body.   First, apply a few drops of your favorite serum. Copper is a healing metal that will enhance the function of any antioxidant-rich serum or oil as you gently massage.

You can massage in any way that feels best. Some recommendations are:

1. Massage the wand in circles around the middle of the forehead five times in a counterclockwise direction. Repeat five times in a clockwise direction.

2. Draw the figure-eight pattern on the forehead five times. This calms the mind and emotions, stimulates memory, and improves concentration. It’s also helpful for relieving sinus headaches.

3. Massage in a zigzag pattern across the forehead five times, using gentle pressure.

4. Clench your teeth so that you can feel the jaw muscle. Massage with firm pressure in a circular motion on this point with the wand. Repeat five times.

5. Circle the cheekbone five times using firm pressure.

6. Move under the cheekbone. Massage upward and downward with firm pressure, moving from the corner of the mouth up to the earlobe and back to the corner of the mouth

7. Move to the jawline. Move down from the ear to along the jaw towards the chin, from the chin back along the jaw to the ear lobe.

Care: For daily care, simply wipe the wand after each use or use soap and water only on the metal part. For a deeper clean, create a paste with tea tree oil and fuller's earth clay.


100% teak wood handle with a base of pure kansa (copper + tin).

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