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Plume Curl & Lift Lash Curler

CHF 21.00

Designed to pick up every last lash, you’ll experience base to tip, drop-dead drama with just one close of the curler. The distinctive handle design and luxurious, rounded cushion deliver effortless, crimp-free curl for every eye shape.


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The Curl & Lift Lash Curler by Plume really catches even the smallest lashes and brings them into perfect shape. Thanks to the high-quality, rounded pad, there is no pulling, tearing or pinching with the Plume eyelash curler. A second replacement cushion for changing is also included. In contrast to many competing products, the Curl & Lift Lash Curler by Plume is made of high quality, sustainable materials. The stable hinge as well as the firmly screwed handle construction guarantee that the Curl & Lift Lash Curler is worth its money and stays in use for a long time.


The handling of this must-have product is very simple: the characteristically curved handle allows perfect pressure control and intensity to be determined.



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