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Octō Restore Tealight Candles (Rosemary + Lemon + Spearmint)

CHF 12.00

12 classic sized tealights are packed inside a printed kraft box with paper interwoven between the layers to protect them. The sturdy box means these tealights would make a beautiful, thoughtful gift.


Come home after a long day and curl up with your favourite book while letting the rejuvenating scent of our Restore scent fill the room. This scent was created to help you calm and recharge your mind. Bergamot has a clean refreshing citrus scent together blended with herbaceous rosemary and refreshing spearmint.


Box of 12.

In stock


Elevate your ambiance with the warm, flickering glow of our classic-sized tealights, carefully packaged in an eco-friendly kraft box.

These hand-poured tealights are perfect for creating a tranquil atmosphere or setting the mood for any occasion. To fully immerse your space in captivating scents, we recommend using at least two tealights together.

  • Hand poured in the UK
  • Made with soy wax and essential oils
  • All packaging is plastic free and can be placed in your household recycling.



We would recommend using at least 2 tealights at a time to ensure the scent is noticeable in a room.


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