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NINI Organics The Nini Experience

CHF 68.00

Your trial set of the whole NINI skincare line so you can experience the NINI magic in miniature form. 

Perfect for someone who wants to try everything from the NINI range but is not sure which one to get first. It also makes a super cute gift for anyone wanting to try a new skincare routine. Available in a gorgeous toiletry bag so you can keep your favourite products with you everywhere you go!


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We have your face wash and mask covered, your face moisturiser for every skin type and our super hydrating hyaluronic acid serum. You get between 2-3 weeks usage, the perfect amount of time for you to become NINI obsessed. You also find some products that still have not been launched like Gaia and Violet.

The set includes:

Natura Detox Foam 30ml
Natura Miracle Mask 30ml
Halo Cleansing Elixir 5ml
Moonlight Nectar Night Oil 5ml
Natura Detox Oil 5ml
Glow Illuminator 5ml
Infinity Beauty Balm 7ml
Halo Beauty Balm 7ml
Gaia Face Cream 7ml
Crimson Beauty 5ml
Rain 5ml
Rosé 5ml
Oatopia Cleansing Cream 15ml
Violet Resurfacing Mask 15ml

All the products come in glass containers and are perfect for travelling. Become a NINI lover today.



Please refer to the specific product for details.



Please refer to the specific product for details.


Shipping Break 20. - 26.6.2024

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