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Merme Berlin Deep Clean Facial Mask

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Deep Clean Facial Mask – Pure Green Clay

A gentle, organically extracted clay in its purest form, which brightens and cleanses the skin. Rich in natural minerals, clay extracts toxins from the skin and leaves cleansed pores barely visible.


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What makes me so unique?
When clay dries, it acts like a magnet that extracts all toxins and leaves your skin velvety soft. This stimulates the blood circulation, which makes for a radiant complexion. Clay can also be applied to affected areas, such as spots, overnight until the spots have healed.

Mineral: Illit - The Absorber
Illit has exceptionally absorbent properties that remove excess bacteria, sebum, dead skin cells and deep-seated clogged pores and free your skin. Illit is also known to release essential minerals into the skin, supporting the overall health and regeneration process of your skin.

Mineral: Betonite - The Healer
Betonite is a calming, antibiotic mineral that can heal skin infections such as acne, eczema or hives. It accelerates the healing process especially for sensitive skin.

Mineral: Kaolinite - The Nourishing One
Kaolinite is a skin-friendly mineral which softens and regenerates the skin. It provides your skin with an effective dose of natural nutrients.


Mix a teaspoon of clay with water to form a paste and spread evenly over the face or affected areas, preferably with a brush. Let the mask work until it starts to dry and then rinse with water!

Suitable for all skin types. Avoid direct contact with the eyes.

MERME quality promise: MERME has left the clay as it should be - of course in the colour yellow with a neutral odour - there are no additional fragrances or preservatives. All MERME ingredients are EU and ECO certified by trusted suppliers.


100% superfine, organic green clay from France

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