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Konnìaku Perle Konjac Sponge (Limited Edition)

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konnìaku Perle is the original Konjac sponge with high-quality pearl powder for a radiant glow and healthy, well-cared for skin. Pearl powder contains a variety of natural nutrients that protect and regenerate the skin.

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konnìaku Konjac sponges are a small care miracle, because they combine cleansing of face, eye area, neck and décolleté, gentle peeling and pH-neutralizing care in one. This preserves the protective acid mantle of the skin and provides it with moisture. Ideal and particularly caring for every skin type, yet easy to use.

konnìaku with pearl powder

Gently nourishes and cleanses while ensuring a radiant complexion. Pearl is an original Asian superfood and is traditionally used internally and externally for an intensive glow. Additionally it regenerates and reduces impurities. The peptides and amino acids contained ensure a pure, healthy skin. Vitamin B, antioxidants and trace elements of zinc, magnesium and calcium vitalize and protect the skin.

konnìaku pearl - the Konjac Sponge Original stands for highest quality, purest ingredients and sustainability along the entire manufacturing process.


Moisten konnìaku Sponge and gently squeeze out excess water between both palms of your hands. Massage in circular movements over the face including the eye area, neck and décolleté. Work only with light pressure to avoid irritating the skin.

To remove make-up, either apply a small amount of cleansing product directly to the sponge or skin and foam and cleanse.

Also ideal for the gentle removal of Oil Cleansers or for the Double Cleansing method. Then rinse the sponge under running water and cleanse the skin again without the product.

After usage, rinse the sponge with fresh water and hang it on the attached ribbon so that the material can breathe.
If used daily, the sponge can be used for several weeks.


Amorphophallus Konjac Root Powder, Aqua, Phenoxyethanol, Pearl Powder

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