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Josh Rosebrook Reusable Organic Cotton Rounds

CHF 30.00

Reusable cotton rounds are each 7.6 cm in diameter and made from unbleached and undyed 100% Certified Organic carbon neutral cotton.

Each set includes 10 rounds in a carbon-neutral, 100% organic cotton mesh pouch.

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These cotton rounds are made in a fair trade factory using 100% certified organic carbon-neutral cotton. The beauty of this product starts with high-quality cotton loomed by master weavers and continues through the manufacturing process and labor standards, which ensures fair wages and healthcare for the workers who made it as well as a cleaner environment for all of us.


Use to apply toners and cleansers or to remove makeup and eye makeup.

Care instructions: Machine wash cold. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean.


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