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Jacks Beauty Line Paddle Brush Dot

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The JACKS beauty line paddle brush helps you to gently detangle your hair without static electricity. With its rounded bristles, your scalp is revitalised and gently massaged at the same time.

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The brushes are lovingly made in Germany from FSC-certified wood and, thanks to their ergonomic handle, are great in the hand.
Together with designer Nina Gekeler from PATTERN STUDIO there were different designs created for the Jacks brush collection, which make them a real eye-catcher.

This paddle brush is particularly suitable for medium to long hair.

✔ 100% vegan
✔ FSC-certified wood
✔ ergonomic handle
✔ highest quality, made in Germany

Dimensions: height 25 cm x width 8 cm x depth 3.2 cm

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