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Fragile Cosmetics Flirt Revitalizing + Detangling Leave-in Hair Milky Mist

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FLIRT is a multi-benefits leave-in mist for all hair types. It detangles, fights frizz and split ends while protecting hair against sun and environmental damage.






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This lightweight milky formula provides daily nutrition for healthy, soft strands. Naturally fragranced with fresh notes of jujube, bergamot peel, fig and peach.


Key Ingredients

Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
Aloe Vera stimulates hair growth and slows down hair loss by strengthening fine structures. Rich of amino acids, vitamins and minerals that help to deeply nourish the hair. It is excellent for disciplining the hair, as it acts as a natural conditioner, fighting frizz and making the hair untangled, strong and defined.

Organic Olea Europaea Fruit Oil
The extra virgin olive oil, being rich in vitamins A and E, unsaturated fatty acids and beta-carotenene, is very useful for the beauty and health of the hair: it nourishes and softens them, regenerates the hair fiber and creates a sheath which protects them from smog and atmospheric agents. Very useful against weakness and hair loss, because it can deeply nourish the hair bulb by strengthening it.

Saccharide Isomerate (Pentavitin)
It is a sugar of vegetable origin that continuously moisturises the scalp and hair, carrying out a moisturising, fortifying and protective action. It binds to the keratin of the hair and lasts up to 72 hours, even after a shower. It is ideal for combating dryness and brittle hair.

Daucus carota sativa root extract
Thanks to its film-forming properties, Carrot Oil protects the hair from UV rays by wrapping it in a light protective layer. The hair will immediately appear stronger and fuller. It is an excellent ally for hair growth as its emollient and soothing properties nourish the scalp by stimulating the activity of the hair follicles.

Salix Alba Bark Extract
Leaves hair manageable, supple, soft and shiny and gives volume, lightness and shine.

Salicornia Herbacea Extract
Favours the storage and transport of water. It also increases the development of enzymes involved in the natural production of lipids.



Spray on damp hair, focusing on the lengths and ends. Let the hair dry and style it as desired.

On dry hair, spray focusing on damaged and frizzy areas.

For external use only. Avoid eye contact. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.



Aqua, Distearoylethyl dimonium chloride, Cetearyl alcohol, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice*, Glycerin, Cocos nucifera oil, Myristyl lactate, Tocopheryl acetate, Citric acid, Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate, Glycine soja protein, Tetrasodium glutamate diacetate, Saccharide isomerate, Butyrospermum parkii butter, Linum usitatissimum seed oil, Olea europaea fruit oil*, Oryza sativa bran oil, Theobroma cacao seed butter, Helianthus annuus seed oil, Salix alba bark extract, Parfum, Sodium hyaluronate, Caprylic/capric triglyceride, Daucus carota sativa root extract, Juglans regia shell extract, Salicornia herbacea extract, d-Limonene, Linalyl acetate, Vanillin, Ethyl acetate, Sodium citrate, Beta-pinenes, Anisaldehyde, Maltol, Gamma-terpinene, 3-Hexenol, Tocopherol, Alpha-pinenes, Bisabolene, Neryl acetate, Terpinolene.

*denotes certified organic

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