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Depuravita Protein Bomb

CHF 3.95

A protein bar that’s 100% vegan and 100% delicious. Fuel your body on the go with protein, omega-3s, and fibre.

Protein Bomb is an ideal snack for those busy days or whenever you need a quick and nutritious boost. It’s ready to fuel your active lifestyle whenever and wherever you go.




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Introducing Protein Bomb, the dynamite of nutrition wrapped in rich, indulgent dark chocolate. This extraordinary protein bar combines the power of chia protein, a plant-based protein source brimming with essential amino acids, with the lusciousness of blueberry paste. Each bite is a harmonious unique flavour that delights your taste buds without any additional sugar. Fuel your body with this allergen-free and gluten-free bar, designed to cater to your health-conscious choices. Get ready to ignite your day with Protein Bomb, the ultimate fusion of taste and nourishment in a convenient and satisfying protein bar.



Protein Bomb is ideal for a post-workout snack, to ward off mid-day hunger, or even as a delicious treat.



Agave syrup, chia seed protein, pea protein, 22% dark chocolate (cacao mass, cacao butter, soy lecithin), dried blueberries.

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