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Cosmic Dealer Ayurvedic Herbal Tea – She Woke Up and Conquered the World

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Green Tea – Toasted Brown Rice – Ginger – Ayurvedic herbs

She Woke Up and Conquered the World is an Ayurvedic green tea infusion for energy and immunity.

It’s elegant, it’s uplifting.



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Japanese Genmaicha, roasted rice and vibrant Sencha green tea blend in a Genmaicha mix that’s full of life and flavour.

Tulsi (holy basil) – an adaptogenic plant considered as the “Queen of plants” in Ayurvedic medicine – becomes your secret weapon for strength and immunity.

Naturally energising moringa and tangy ginger make the perfect antidotes for a sluggish day.



Use a teaspoon from each side of the box to make your tea. Or dose as you desire: it’s your potion to play with.

So why this double dose?

Ordinarily if you try and mix grains and herbs in loose tea, the grains just sink to the bottom (as they are heavier) so you can’t put too many in. This wasn’t an option for us. We wanted a high dose of that beautiful malty grilled flavour. So we decided to divide the box in two: grains on one side, herbs on the other- it’s what we call double dose tea.

There is so much tea out there that we only wanted to create something if it was truly special. Something we fell in love with. It took a long time (and hundreds of cups of tea!) but we finally found these perfect blends.

SHE WOKE UP AND CONQUERED THE WORLD contains green tea which is safe to drink in moderation during pregnancy, however it also contains tulsi (holy basil) which may not be recommended for pregnant woman (there is limited research pro and con).

If in doubt, we recommend asking the advice of a healthcare professional.


green tea leaves,* toasted brown rice,* ginger,* moringa,* holy basil
*From Organic farming

Made in France – Organic – 100% natural – Vegan – No artificial flavours – No additives

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