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Cosmic Dealer – A Tongue Cleaner Changed My Life

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Better breath and oral hygiene with this reusable Ayurvedic Tongue Scraper made from 100% copper.

As the mouth is one of the first lines of defence for the immune system, having a healthy and balanced oral microbiome is an important part of keeping you fighting fit and healthy.

Pure, natural 100% copper tongue cleaner in one box with one pretty pouch for clean and easy storage. Packaging made from eco-friendly sustainably-sourced paper.


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Tongue bacteria is a thing. There are hundreds of tiny lines running along the surface of your tongue where harmful bacteria hide out, feeding on food leftovers and dead cells. This is what causes bad breath, and contributes to plaque and tooth decay. Scraping first thing in the morning removes the bacteria that accumulates on your tongue while you sleep #wakescrape.

The traditional Ayurvedic tongue cleaners are made from copper because it's antimicrobial. It kills germs and viruses on its surface. It has thick smooth edges and is designed to cover the whole tongue.

  • Improves breath and oral hygiene: by removing harmful bacteria
  • Balances oral microbiome: scraping off the bad guys and leaving the good
  • Reinforces immunity: the mouth is one of the body's first lines of defence
  • Improves sense of taste: by removing bacteria covering taste buds
  • Improves digestion: by activating saliva
  • Life-changing: because tiny changes lead to big shifts in your wellbeing



  1. Hold one end of the tongue cleaner in each hand and set the rounded part at the back of your tongue
  2. Scrape the tongue from back to front applying light pressure. Scrape down the middle and then each side a few times
  3. Observe as you remove super gross tongue slime every morning
  4. Rinse with water after use


Copper will naturally oxidize over time. That's what will give it its beautiful, unique look.Just make sure to keep rinsing the Tongue Cleaner with water after use and all will be well. If you do want to keep it shiny and bright, rub a mixture of white vinegar and table salt onto the Tongue Cleaner with a cloth and rinse.

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