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beVIVID 3 Months Treatment Hello Wrinkles Premium Electrolytes + Collagen + Q10

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Hello Wrinkles is a beauty supplement with a new generation of highly effective electrolytes and nutrients to strengthen the body’s natural process of maintaining hydration, helping to strengthen and maintain the skin’s barrier. This beauty charger is packed with powerful Collagen Peptides, Q10 Antioxidants and Essential Minerals.

Meeting at a Clean Skin Event in Paris, Sandra, the founder of Depuravita Conscious Beauty Supplements and Lisa, the founder of beVIVID Glass Bottles, quickly connected over their passion on starting inside for a pretty outside.

3 boxes with 30 sachets each (supply for 3 months).



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Acting like a skin hero this supplement strengthens the skin's elasticity, maximizes cell metabolism and increases cell energy to achieve actual glowing skin within. Hello Wrinkles contains a new generation of highly effective electrolytes and nutrients, to strengthen our body's natural process of maintaining hydration, helping to strengthen and maintain skin barriers. Perfect for a loving skincare routine, this collection of super powders should be mixed with water and consumed on a daily basis, to achieve deeper hydration, starting from the inside. Dissolving in our body, these foods release an electric charge, creating the so-called water gel, or gelled water, promoter of beneficial hydration.

Key Ingredients

Collagen Peptides: Proven to work incredible results during clinical testing, the powerhouse peptides used for Hello Wrinkles have shown measurable results on restoring and increasing collagen levels on women tested, ages 35 to 75.

Co-enzyme Q10: The premium Q10 enzymes chosen for Hello Wrinkles help increase molecular cell turnover to reduce the unwanted effects caused by daily sunlight, screen-light and pollution, while stimulating cell recovery and protecting its DNA from future collagen damage.

Electrolytes: They are the secret when it comes down to managing hydration and balancing the fluids in our bodies. A tiny lesion in chemistry might help to understand just how important they actually are to support a healthy body. Electrolytes are like a large family of essential minerals such as magnesium, sodium, calcium, chloride, potassium and phosphate. When these are mixed with water, these minerals become conductors of electricity, triggering a number of positive effects ranging from cell function to proper organ hydration.


FIRMER AND SMOOTHER SKIN: The specific peptides used revealed a stimulation of the skin cells own collagen metabolism, leading to 15% higher skin elasticity and resistance measured just after 8 weeks of daily supplementation.

STRONGER NAILS: Up to 42% showed a decrease of cracked and/or chopped nails, as well as a noticeable improvement in overall health and growth of fingernails after 12 weeks of supplementation.

THICKER HAIR: The collagen used has also been measured to effectively support the increase of hair thickness after 16 weeks of supplementation.

PROTECT: Antioxidants helps to activate the skin at the molecular level - working as a shield to protect it from all the things that contribute to faster ageing such as UV radiation, screen light, infrared radiation and ozone pollution.

REPAIR & REGENERATE: The potent function of Q10 keeps the skin active and energised. Increasing cell turnover helps to rid toxins and support collagen production while making better use of nutrients for healthy looking skin.

EVEN & RADIANT COMPLEXION: Q10 works so powerful that it also helps to fade and prevent dark spots by blocking the production of tyrosinase, which is the main catalyst for unwanted melanin production. Reducing sun damage the most important step to prevent premature ageing.




Just pour the powder from the single sachet into the beVIVID bottle, fill it with water, shake it and drink. Suitable for daily use. Please store in a cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children.



Potassium citrate, collagen, calcium lactate, sodium chloride, magnesium salts of citric acid flavour, acid (citric acid), Coenzyme Q10 gamma cyclodextrin inclusion complex.

Nutritional value per Sachet (7.3g)

940 mg

376 mg

120 mg

56.25 mg

Coenzyme Q10
10 mg

2,500 mg

Without sugar, natural or artificial sweeteners, aroma or unwanted additives.

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