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bepure – Balancing Tonic Rose Water

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BALANCING TONIC Rose Water is a 100% pure steam distilled and organic certified flower water from the “Valley of Roses” in Morocco.

Skin Type: all, especially suitable for mature and dry skin.


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The ingredients of the rose have an astringent effect, which has a slightly tightening effect on the skin. BALANCING TONIC Rose Water gently moisturises, has an anti-inflammatory effect on irritations, calms and strengthens sensitive skin and makes the skin smooth.

The pump spray makes the application easy and just a spray of BALANCING TONIC Rose Water leaves the skin plump and moist, with a delicate rose scent and a relaxing effect on the mind.

BALANCING TONIC Rose Water is a seasonal product, because only once a year from mid May to mid June the rose blossoms are hand picked by Berber women in Morocco and then processed.

Note: BALANCING TONIC Rose Water is a pure flower water without any preservatives. Despite the high-quality violet-glass packaging, the product should be kept in the refrigerator.


✓ anti-inflammatory
✓ moisturizing
✓ calming
✓ strengthening
✓ balancing
✓ harmonising
✓ refines skin texture


1. Tonic (as part of beauty routine): in the morning and evening after cleansing, moisten face, neck and décolleté and remove remaining impurities with a face cloth.

2. Hydration: for additional hydration, apply 2-3 splashes under facial oils or mix directly with facial oil to an emulsion.

3. Refreshing Spray: in the morning, evening or as needed throughout the day for face and body

4. Masks: to mix powder masks to soothe the skin or keep clay masks moist.

5. Room Spray: used as a perfume or room spray it cleans the atmosphere, relaxes the mind and mood.

Can also be used as a bath additive, to fix make-up or as a shine spray for the hair.


Rosa Damascena Flower Water


✓vegan (certified)
✓ Ecocert (certified)
✓ without synthetic additives and preservatives
✓ excluding products of the oil industry
✓ without animal testing
✓ Wherever possible, raw materials are obtained from organic farming

Packaging: High quality violet glass for longer life and intense freshness. The violet glass blocks the entire spectrum of visible light except the violet part. This delays the aging process initiated by visible light. Longer shelf life and freshness of products are guaranteed.

Storage: Store cool, ideally refrigerated

Origin: Morocco. The natural cosmetics are lovingly bottled for you by bepure in Winterthur.

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