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Elevate your Everyday Ritual


NAYA exhaustively searched and researched the very best ingredients. The approach is to use lesser ingredients, at higher concentration to give your skin more of our scientifically proven star ingredients.

A ‘less is more’ approach is not only more sustainable to the planet,  and it is also more sustainable to your skin, providing exactly the nutrients your skin needs without the layering of hundred of different ingredients every day. In NAYA’s view, quality is key when it comes to luxury. Thus the mission at NAYA is to find potent, and proven bioactive ingredients, using them at higher concentration giving your skin the nutrients it needs to be the best version of yourself. While helping the planet.

Meet the Founder

The journey launching NAYA started far before our soft launch in 2018. Our founder’s curiosity and wanderlust took her around the globe from South America to Asia; countries like Ecuador, Galapagos, Colombia, Costa Rica, Thailand, Singapore, Bali and many more. Having visited over 60 countries, exploring different cultures, having learned something new every time and always fascinated by local rituals, herbs and remedies, an idea started to emerge.

We developed Naya suitable for every skin type, women and men who seek plant-based skincare without dubious ingredients. For them, intelligent plant-based ingredients are paramount, and the science and sustainability behind it is essential. It is not about the quantity but the quality of the bioactive ingredients and nutrients one nurtures one’s own skin.

“Our approach to skincare goes beyond our products. I wanted a performance driven skincare
line formulated with fewer proven bioactives at higher concentration.
Products that I could feel good about for their ‘botanical science’,
proven effectiveness and seed to skin life-cycle.”

– Sarah Zimmer, Founder & CEO

Pictures and text (adapted) from Naya.

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