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naan is not only an Indian bread but also short for natalie andriani. Yes, this is the knitting label of mooi founder Natalie. Who would have thought?

It all started with picking up the knitting needles as a way to reduce stress and be creative. After practicing knitting again making uncounted amounts of scarfs for her whole family, Natalie started to become more adventurous and discovered that knitting beanies is a perfect activity to do during their endless car drives to the South of Italy.

After enough practicing, she started working on her own designs and now the naan collection is small but very popular. Beanies and cowls have been shipped allover the world, with the Raspberry Beanie being the star of the naan family. The pattern of the Raspberry beanie has sold over 1000 times on etsy and so it happens, that the joy of making them is spreading across the world too.

Meet the Founder

Growing up in Switzerland, we were forced to learn knitting at school. At that time it was not something I liked or showed any talent at, it seemed more of a burden back then. But then, many years later, I totally fell in love with a scarf that a friend knitted for me. That was the starting point to picking up the knitting needles again and now I totally love it. I started off with easy patterns and now I also love to create my own designs.

The design of the Raspberry Beanie was an idea my husband had when I was knitting a cardigan with the same pattern. I started to try and after several fails it finally worked out and the Raspberry Beanie was born. Whereas the cardigan is still unfinished, I must have knitted hundreds of beanies since then and still love making them.



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