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Protecting your health and beauty
while doing no harm to our planet.



LE RUB is a new range of luxury sunscreen and after sun, created to answer the simple question: why can’t suncare feel amazing and be kind to the planet? The answer? It can.

By combining the Mediterranean’s finest natural ingredients with modern clean beauty techniques, LE RUB delivers next-generation luxury suncare that feels incredible and doesn’t harm the environment.

The founders were inspired to create LE RUB after trying every other sunscreen on the market and being unsatisfied with the options available, which often came down to a choice between sticky textures that leave a white cast on skin, or luxury options which used synthetic or harmful ingredients. 

To create the brand, they drew on their love for the Mediterranean, the sun, and its positive effects on mood, health, and energy levels. A combination they like to call The Good Life. 

“We believe sun care = skin care = self care.”

Meet the Founders

Medea Herbalore

Kim and Raf Maes, a brother and sister born in (not so) sunny Belgium are the founders of LE RUB. As a professional snowboarder turned brand builder and photographer, Raf finds his balance between living moments and capturing them. He has a unique ability to treasure the present while always keeping an eye on the horizon. As a former make-up artist, founder of Blos and head of R&D, Kim combines scientific and industry expertise with a deeply optimistic curiosity. She values authenticity and craftsmanship, and infuses both consciously in her day to day.

All their best memories are sun related. From sunrise on the slopes to sunset on the shores, they have been lucky to not just savour, but share many solar moments. So they decided to put their time and expertise to protect what they cherish. And that’s why they founded LE RUB. It is their ode to that big yellow ball in the sky, their promise to take care of their skin while basking in the warmth of its rays. So they worked hard to find the best of nature’s ingredients, harnessing them through science, to produce skin nourishing, reef friendly formulas. Making their mineral sunscreen responsibly, using ingredients locally sourced in the Mediterranean was just the start.

Pictures and text (adapted) from LE RUB.

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